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Small beginnings.

Prelude Breakfast Bar opened in July 2016. Nothing was announced. We opened the doors with no notice, no soft opening, no grand opening; nothing was published anywhere about our whereabouts.  We trained for maybe 3 days and on an unassuming Thursday in July we opened our doors and welcomed random stranglers up our steps. By the next weekend we were on a wait... and we've been on a wait every single weekend since (except when we closed for the holidays). 

We've been so incredibly lucky to maintain the staff that we have, and to still be open after COVID. It was a strange time. A little over a year ago we were able to double our interior space with the help of our landlord, and open up a bit more room for our devoted guests and the growing love they share about our space.

We love the local community. We support the local farmers by buying from their farms, and supporting their businesses. We want to always carry that with us. There's something so meaningful behind where and how you spend your dollar. When you support us, you also support them. When you spend your dollars with us, you also spend your dollars with them. It's a beautiful cycle that can sustain and improve the lives of all of those around us. 


Everything we do, we pour our heart and soul into it. Sometimes it'll be the best meal of your life, and sometimes we fall short without ever meaning to. Please kindly tell us where we can improve. We know we can't make everyone happy, but if we can bring a smile to 90% of the people that leave our steps, we will take it.

We have hopes and plans to share Prelude with not just Fayetteville, but beyond. In order to achieve those dreams we kindly ask that you continue to support us and help us spread the word about some damn good pancakes. 

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